Region, KOSTT borders: Yearly auctions for 2021

, SEE Energy News

Yearly auctions for 2021 on borders Albania-Kosovo, Kosovo-Montenegro and Kosovo- North Macedonia will be held on 15 December, said South eastern Europe Coordinated Auction Office (SEE CAO), a regional company that organizes auctions for cross-border transmission capacities.

Participants may submit bids for 200 MW in each direction for bilateral transmission between Kosovo and Albania and for 100 MW for Kosovo- Montenegro, in the form of a basic product. The capacity for the border with Northern Macedonia is two times 100 MW, but the winners will reserve it with the proportional reduction during maintenance. The results of the auction will be published on 17 December.

In October, the Regional Group of Continental Europe (RGCE), a body of the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E) decided that the new Connection Agreement, signed between Kosovo’s electricity transmission system operator KOSTT and ENTSO-E in July, comes into effect as it determined that KOSTT met all the conditions set out in the agreement and is ready to operate independently of Serbia. According to the agreement, Kosovo will operate as an independent regulatory zone within the Kosovo-Albania Regulatory Block (AK block) under the synchronous area of Continental Europe. Thus, KOSTT and Kosovo will leave the SMM (Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia) which is coordinated by Serbian transmission operator EMS.

Yearly Auctions for cross-border capacities in south eastern Europe for 2021 with offered capacities, auction dates and available results are listed in our Energy Daily edition on pages 48-49.