Republika Srpska: “Electric Power Industry of Republic of Srpska” achieved an annual production plan

, SEE Energy News

” Electric Power Industry of Republic of Srpska” (ERS) this year, produced 6,069 gigawatt-hours of electricity, and its annual production plan was confirmed by the spokesman of the ERS Predrag Skoro, .

He added, according to the estimates of those responsible in ERS, record production of electricity will be generated by the end of the year and exceeded production from 2010, when it produced 6,174 gigawatt-hours of electricity.

Škoro recalled that in July, the annual production plan revision increased from 5,335 to 6,060 GWh, or 13.5%.

– This high production is the result of the operational readiness of our manufacturing capacities, proper management of system in technical terms and favorable weather conditions in the first half of this year – said Skoro.

He noted that the power plant “Gacko” achieved particularly good results, which, as of yesterday, achieved production of 1,694 gigawatt-hours of electricity, which is the highest production since 1983. when this energy giant was put into operation.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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