Republika Srpska: HPPs on the Drina River awaiting go signal from Rome?

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New hpps projects on Drina river still have not moved further from the beginning. That is how in short project for construction of hydropower plants on the Drina River could be evaluated, which is predicted by the energy agreement between Serbia, Republic of Srpska and Italy, signed two and a half years ago. The investment is worth 870 MEUR and it is still pending.

The project “Middle Drina” envisages the construction of three hydroelectric power plants – Dubrava, Tegare and Rogacica, with total installed capacity of 320 megawatts. The Ministry of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection of Serbia pointed out that the talks with the Italians have recently been repeated.

– In relation to hydropower in the Drina River, whose construction is planned within the framework of the energy agreement with Italy, talks with Italian side were held recently on a technical level – says the line ministriy.

– The continuation of these talks is expected in January, in order to enable the full implementation of the agreement, which requires that the president of the Italian government signs a decree that will allow its implementation.

The energy agreement between Serbia and Italy was signed in October 2011. The Serbian government confirmed text of the energy agreement in November last year, which predicted that electricity from hydropower plants on the Drina is transmitted by Serbia and Montenegro, and underwater cable across the Adriatic to Italy.

Energy Minister Zorana Mihajlovic said at the time that the agreement with the Italians is practically not changed, especially noting that they did not give up on the annex to the agreement, or the construction of hydropower plants.

Obligation of Serbia, as it was said, was to check with the Italian partners, whether this annex is acceptable, because in the meantime some other projects appeared and proposal of Republic of Srpska to change certain projects, which were eventually dropped. Three hydropower plants – Dubrava, Tegare and Rogacica should follow 1,200 gigawatt-hours of electricity annually. Italy, according to the plan had 51% share, Serbia 12.25%, and the rest Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Brake from the Federation

Construction of the ” Middle Drina” is accompanied by frequent disputes Federation of BiH and the Republic of Spska, usually about competence. The Federation believes that this deal must go through the State Commission for concessions, while in the RS they point out that this is a project of the Agreement on Special and Parallel Relations between RS and Serbia. Later the problem of equity shares emerged.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/RS medias

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