Republika Srpska: South Stream regional cooperation, cooperation of Srbijagas and Gas-Res

, SEE Energy News

Representative of Srbijagas and Gas-Res from Banjaluka made an agreement for cooperation in making documentation for construction of South Stream pipeline branch through Republika Srpska.

Srbijagas stated that the agreement was made on the meeting of Novi Sad companies’ representatives.

Acting Director for Investments in Srbijagas, Jovica Budimir, said that this company will offer maximal support to colleges from Republika Srpska in documentation preparation.

“Cooperation with Srbijagas is very significant because we have a huge work in front of us in order to accomplish that Srbijagas has done on South Stream pipeline preparations in the last four years”, Acting Director of Gas-Res Company, Slobodan Puhalac said.
South Stream pipeline should cost 16 billion EUR and it will transport Russian gas to buyers in South East Europe and EU and its capacity will be around 63 billion cubic meters annually.

Branch for Republika Srpska’s supply will separate from Serbian part of pipeline. South Stream project’s carrier is the Russian National Company- Gasprom.

Source Serbia Energy/Agencies