Republika Srpska: TPP Gacko marks record electricity production ahead of plan

, SEE Energy News

TPP Gacko, with current production results, achieved real preconditions to fulfill the annual plan of 1,700 gigawatt-hours of electricity, which is the most ambitious plan for thirty years of work of this energy giant, said the head of the company Maksim Skoko.

Skoko noted that the company produced 174.5 GWh of electricity in October, which is nine percent above the plan, and it’s the third highest monthly production since the power plant operates.

Noting that the production results were achieved thanks to the good operational availability of facilities and well done repairs this year and last year, he said that the plan for ten-month production exceeded three per cent, and that 1,433 gigawatt-hours of electricity are produced.

According to him, a good operational readiness are followed also by coal reserves of 135,000 tons, which is enough for a fortnight stable operation of thermal power plant.

In the largest producer of electricity in the Republic of Srpska they say that every year recorded better results and set higher goals, adding that TPP Gacko generated 1,415 gigawatt-hours of electricity last year, and that it has achieved 99 percent of the annual plan.

Source; Serbia Energy Seed desk

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