Republika Srpska: TPP Stanari will be put into operation in 2016 – annual generation of 2,000 gigawatt hours is planned

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Thermal power plant “Stanari” will be put into commercial operation in the first half of 2016, the first kindling the furnace is expected in late 2015. Security of supply of electricity consumers will be significantly improved by putting into operation plant “Stanari”, bearing in mind that readiness for existing power plants in the Republic of Srpska and BiH will be weaker due to age and the expected increase in electricity consumption – said the technical director of TPP “Stanari” Savo Mirkovic.

It is designed and agreed that TE “Stanari” produces 2,000 gigawatt-hours of energy per year, and that the availability is 7,500 hours of work on the network at full capacity. Switchyard will be constructed for the connection to power system of Bosnia and Herzegovina, substation voltage level of 400/110 KV.

Mirkovic said that the RS Government signed three concession contracts for coal, water and thermal power plant for a period of 30 years, with the possibility of extension for another 15 years.

Pursuant to concession contracts, on the basis of concession fees, 7 million KM will be paid annually in the budgets of the local community and the Republic of Srpska, with more taxes, contributions and fees.

Service life 30 years

– These plants are projected on the service life of 30 years with the possibility that after 200,000 hours is going to be done the revitalization of the life of some 10 to 15 years – explains Mirkovic and notes that the environment does not have power plants with a longer service life of 40 to 50 years.

The service life of TE “Stanari” is aligned with the coal reserves, which is obtained from open pits Raskovci and Ostruznja. The installed TPP power of 300 MW and planned coal consumption of 305 tons per hour are adjusted to estimated reserves of 108 million tons of coal.

Annual consumption projection is up to 2.3 million tons, but if the coal quality is lower, consumption will be higher.

Stanari lignite, with low sulfur and ash content, and low calorific value, is acceptable for burning in the power plant, making it environmentally friendly. Amounts of ash in the coal are minimal, around 9%.

Low water consumption

The burning of coal is carried out in a specific kind of boiler which no one has in the surroundings, but that is acceptable for this type of coal, from environmental and mining aspects. Since there is not enough of technological water, the air cooling is envisaged, and water consumption is only 95 cubic meters per hour, while plants in the region spend for their work even more than 1,000 cubic meters of water.

TPP “Stanari” is designed to comply with EU directives on environmental protection which are more stringent than current law in this area, which makes it environmentally safe. Limit emissions of sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides is 110 milligrams per normal cubic meter, which is twice lower than the European regulations.

The emission of ash from the chimney of 150 meters, which will be released in the atmosphere is about 20 milligrams per normal cubic meter. Deposition of slag and fly ash will be aligned to modern ecological methods and will be carried out in a specially protected waterproof packs, which will be stored in part of the mine where coal mining is completed.

A “turn-key” construction

Mine and TPP Stanari as a socially responsible company in a relatively small community is trying to follow the work of the municipality. So far, the local schools are equipped with modern information technologies.
“Some of the scholars are employed in the company, and in cooperation with the Municipality the Cultural Centre was built too”, says Mirkovic for Srna.

The construction of TPP Stanari is conducted on a “turnkey”. In May 2005, EFT group takes the mine in an international tender as the majority owner, and since November 2006 as a 100% owner.

Under the name of EFT – Enterprise Mine and Thermal Power Stanari is operating since January 2008. The total project value is greater than 550 MEUR, which includes the construction of thermal power plant and mine development to the required capacity.

In May 2010, the contract for construction of Stanari was signed with the Chinese company Dongfang Electric Corporation, for which the Chinese Development Bank provided a loan in the amount of 350 MEUR.

When completed, the plant will employ about 850 workers.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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