Romania, Aukera plans to develop 1 GW of RES capacity

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Aukera, a RES investment platform backed by Belgian investment fund AtlasInvest, is planning to develop, build and operate a portfolio of offshore wind and solar projects with a total capacity of 1 GW in Romania.

Aukera is co-funded by Catalin Breaban, the CEO and Founder of Bluemerang Capital, a portfolio company of AtlasInvest, which invests in renewable energy projects. Aukera also envisages similar capacities to be installed in four other key markets, namely the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany and Poland.

Breaban said that the platform is looking to have a balance between the economies of Eastern and Western Europe. The plan is to develop in each of these five markets a capacity of over 1 GW in a mix of technologies – solar and wind. The projects will also have the integrated energy storage architecture. According to him, the financing for the projects is already secured.

If the Romanian portfolio would consist of equal shares of solar and wind capacities, the value of the projects would amount to over 700 million euros.