Romania, Average spot price of electricity in February 140 euros per MWh

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The average weighted price on the Romanian day-ahead electricity market in February 2023 was 691 levs (about 140 euros) per MWh, according to data from the market operator in Bucharest, OPCOM. The average monthly price in January was BGN 692 (EUR 136.2) per MWh.

Compared to February last year, the average spot price fell by 26%, from 192 euros per MWh.

The spot price in February is at approximately the same level as in the previous month, after it fell by 45 percent in January compared to December, returning to the value of a year ago.

In February, the Romanian national energy system recorded a strong production of wind turbines, gas power plants, as well as hydroelectric power plants, with the full availability of the nuclear power plant.

In conditions of relatively low consumption, which very rarely reached the peak of 8,000 MW per hour, Romania was often a net exporter of electricity during the month. In certain intervals, the export reached up to 3,000 MW per hour.

On the other hand, according to the latest available data for January – the liquidity of the spot market is decreasing, although it is still strong. In January, about 44.5 percent of the total national electricity consumption was traded on OPCOM DAM, which is almost five percentage points below the level from January 2022, i.e. about 2 TWh.

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