SEE Region, Bulgaria, Hungary and Serbia are net exporters of electricity in January

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Bulgaria’s electricity exports in January 2023 decreased by 8 percent compared to the previous month, to 628 GWh, thanks to increased production of renewable sources and nuclear energy. Net exports to Greece increased by nearly 280 percent compared to December, while exports to Turkey increased more than five times. In January, Bulgaria was a net exporter of electricity from the Romanian market.

Due to less production in thermal power plants and an increase in consumption compared to December, Greek electricity imports in January increased by over 200 percent, to 1.12 TWh, while the country’s exports were at zero. Greece imported the largest quantities from Bulgaria – 429 GWh, while it imported 268 GWh from North Macedonia.

In January, Romania maintained its net export position, as in the previous three months, with a net export of almost 720 GWh. Exports from Romania to Ukraine remained at zero, while exports to Serbia were reduced to 30 GWh. At the same time, Romania increased its exports to Hungary, almost three times, to 445 GWh. The country was also a net exporter to Bulgaria, with a net import of 198 GWh.

Hungary was the key importer of electricity in the region in January, recording a growth of 15 percent, to 1.31 TWh, as a result of lower production of gas-fired power plants and higher demand. During most of the month, Hungary was a net exporter to Croatia, with a total of 54 TWh in January. The country realized a net import of 420 GWh from Romania, while imports from Slovakia rose moderately, by 7 percent, to 868 GWh. Net imports from Ukraine were also at zero.

In January, Serbia maintained its net export position, with 163 GWh of net export, which is almost twice as much compared to December. Net import flows from Croatia reached 65 GWh. Serbia was a net exporter to Hungary (134 GWh of net export), Montenegro and North Macedonia (121 GWh).

Croatia’s net imports were more than halved in January, thanks to higher production of renewable sources. The country imported 53 GWh from Hungary and 67 GWh from Slovenia.

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