Romania: Electrica Furnizare holds dominant market share in electricity supply

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According to the data published by the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), in the first month of 2016 Electrica Furnizare is still the largest electricity supplier in Romania with 16.37 % share.

Most interesting is the fact that the number and share of small suppliers has increased compared to the previous year, as they hold about 30 % of the market share. There are also two new entries in suppliers with over 1 % market share: RCS-RDS and RWE Energie.

Electrica Furnizare managed to even strengthen its position in now more liberalized households sector and increased its market presence compared to the previous year, when it held 14.59 % of the market. Other large players have also increased their market share: E.ON Energie Romania rose from 6.13 % to 7.56 %, CEZ Romania reached 5.11, a slight increase from 5.04 % in 2015, while two Enel Group companies reached 8.51 % in January 2016, compared to 7.96 % in January 2015.

On the other hand, market share of Tinmar Ind reduced from 10.84 % to 7.76 %, while the market share of OMV Petrom decreased from 4 % to 2.63 %. The shares of Arelco Power and Alro have also dropped and now amount to 3.87 % and 1.71 % respectively.

Two newcomers to the list are RCS-RDS with 3.52 % market share and RWE Energie with 1.64 %. Four electricity suppliers, which combined market share amounted to 7.49 % last January, have completely disappeared from the list: Electromagnetica, Energy Holding, Romenergy Industry and Energy Network, transmits

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