Romania: Following market liberalization Nova Power & Gas gained more than 1,000 new customers

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In the the first week of 2021, the electricity supply offers for one and two years at national level, brought over 1,000 new customers to the portfolio of Nova Power & Gas, a member company of the E-INFRA group.

The company’s CEO Mircea Bica said that it has built packages that are based on competitiveness and simplicity, and this can be seen in the high level of adoption, even from the first days of the liberalization of the electricity market. The favorable customer response confirms Nova Power & Gas’s strategy in both the natural gas and electricity markets, Bica concluded.

The capital Bucharest, followed by Cluj and Brasov counties, are the areas that lead in the ranking of new subscriptions to electricity supply contracts.

As of 1 January 2021, all Romanian households are supplied with electricity on the free market, at unregulated prices. However, many of residential consumers are not aware of this change and continued to be supplied under the universal service contracts, which is in principle designed for other purposes such as clients in remote areas or when the market supplier fails to meet its obligation, and generally has less favorable prices.