Romania, Gas-fired electricity generation capacities at EC Oltenia will be completed by 2026

, SEE Energy News

State Secretary at the Romanian Ministry of Energy Dan Dragan said that gas-fired electricity generation capacities at Energy Complex (EC) Oltenia will be completed by 2026.

EC Oltenia is preparing two new combined cycle gas-fired units at Isalnita and Turceni with combined installed capacity of 1.2 GW and is considering the development of renewable energy capacities of over 700 GW on the ash deposits. According to Dragan, both these projects should be completed by 2026.

In the first half of 2021, EC Oltenia reported a loss of 33.3 million euros, which is two times lower compared to a loss recorded in the first half of 2020. Total revenues also increased to 278 million euros, which is a 58 % increase year-on-year.

EC Oltenia currently operates four coal-fired power plants with 12 units, with a combined installed capacity of 3,570 MW, with an estimated annual electricity production of 10 TWh.