Romania is among top three EU oil producers in 2021

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The main oil producers in the EU in 2021 were Italy (4.8 million tons), Denmark and Romania (each with 3.2 million tons). Compared to 2020, production decreased in all three countries, by 10 % in Italy, 8 % in Denmark, and 4 % in Romania.

According to data published by Eurostat, oil production continued to decline in the European Union overall in 2021, reaching its lowest level of 17.5 million tons, which is 6% less than in 2020.

Between 1990 and 2004, oil production in Europe fluctuated, but always exceeded 34.5 million tons, reaching a peak of 41.7 million in 2004. After almost 20 years, oil production has decreased by more than half.

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