SE region: Hydropower generation 2.5 TWh in the week 14

, SEE Energy News

Total hydropower generation in SEE region in week 14 remained at the same level as in previous week, as a result of moderate rainfall in most countries of the region. The total production of hydropower plants in the region showed a marginal decrease, by less than 1%, to 2.49 TWh.

Higher hydropower generation was registered on most markets in the region, except for Hungary, Croatia and Italy, where production fell by 43%, 16% and 70%, reaching 1.2 GWh, 129 GWh and 102 GWh, respectively, as a result of lower water level in rivers and reservoirs.

Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria recorded an increase in production during the week 14 by 31%, 28% and 24%, respectively, followed by Greece and Turkey, which recorded an increase in hydropower generation by 7% and 4%, respectively.

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