SEE Region, Interenergo has more than 200 MW of renewable energy projects under development

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In November last year, this company bought the Ivan Sedlo wind farm project southwest of Sarajevo. Estimated at 40.6 million euros, the 25 megawatt wind farm should meet the demand of more than 26,000 households when it is built.

Earlier, in 2021, the company also acquired a 60 percent stake in Vetroelektrane Čardakov Travnik, a company that will build a 50 MW wind farm.

The company has so far built one wind farm in Croatia in the area of Jasenica under Velebitoma, and is also building the 30 MW Đevđelija wind farm in North Macedonia.

In Croatia, the construction of the Bukovica 6.25 MW solar power plant is entering its final phase. This power plant will annually provide sustainable energy for around 3500 households.

The company, which is present mainly in Slovenia and the area of the former Yugoslavia, says that by developing renewable energy projects in SEE, it is contributing to the acceleration of the region’s green transition, even though most of the region is not yet part of the EU and its environmental protection policy.

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