Serbia, Windflow West will build the Poljanica wind farm near Vranje

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Windflow West from Belgrade is planning the construction of the Poljanica wind farm in Vranje, and the contract with the City was concluded in November last year.

According to the Detailed Regulation Plan, which is open for early public inspection, and which is prepared by PC Urbanism and Construction of the City of Vranje, the preliminary boundaries of the Plan include an area of approximately 249.22 ha – parts of the cadastral municipalities of Trstena, Roždace, Dobrejance and Stance.

The area is undeveloped, and consists of agricultural and forest land. It is not located in any zone of protection of natural and cultural assets.

According to the Plan, it is possible to build facilities for the use of renewable energy sources on agricultural land, and on forest land it is possible to build facilities for the use of small-capacity renewable energy sources (small power plants and other similar facilities) and the exploitation of mineral resources if the area is forest and forest land smaller than 15 ha.

As stated on the website of the City of Vranje, the early public inspection is organized in order to acquaint the public with the general goals and purpose of the plan, possible solutions for the development of the spatial unit, expected planning effects, etc.

Let us remind you that, after the construction of the wind farm, the Belgrade company undertook to pay the City a fee of 1% of the gross revenue from the sale of electricity.

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