SEE Region, Spot prices on Monday from 117 to 155 euros per MWh

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The spot prices of electricity in the region, for delivery on Monday, February 20, rose moderately, after a significant drop over the weekend to 108 euros per MWh. On Monday, they range from 117 euros per MWh in Hungary to 155 euros per MWh in Greece.

The Hungarian spot price increased minimally on Monday, from 114.87 euros per MWh on Sunday to 116.63 euros per MWh. On Saturday, the spot price on HUPX was reduced from 173 euros to 113.3 euros per MWh compared to the previous day.

The spot price in Serbia increased on Monday by 12 percent compared to the previous day, from EUR 120.59 per MWh to EUR 134.94 per MWh. On Saturday, the spot price was around 120 euros per MWh, while on Thursday and Friday it was around 170 euros per MWh.

In Slovenia, the day-ahead price on Monday is 120.81 euros per MWh. For the weekend, the spot price ranged from 114-116 euros per MWh. It fell to that level from 163.4 euros per MWh on Friday.

With an average spot price of EUR 120.32 per MWh, the Croatian market was paired with the Slovenian one in most intervals on Monday, after increasing from EUR 115 per MWh on Sunday.

The Bulgarian and Romanian day-ahead market was slightly above the Croatian one on Monday, with 122.97 euros per MWh on average. For weekend days, these two markets record the lowest prices in the region, at around 108 euros per MWh.

On Monday, the Greek market is the most expensive in the region, but also in Europe, with 154.96 euros per MWh, which is 18 percent more than on Sunday (131 euros per MWh). On Friday, the spot market in Greece was roughly on par with other regional markets, at around 167 euros per MWh.

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