Slovenia, Trade volume on BSP DAM 9.44 TWh in 2022.

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The total volume of trade on the Slovenian electricity exchange BSP in 2022 reached 10.81 GWh, which is 10.4 percent more than the previous year, according to the annual report of the exchange operator.

The volume of trade on the Slovenian day-ahead market in 2022 was 9,436,482 MWh. The best quarter last year was the fourth, with a volume of 3,010 GWh.

In the previous year, a record monthly volume of trade was recorded, with 1,055 GWh in October.

The highest price on the day-ahead market was achieved for delivery on August 29 – 748 euros per MWh, while the lowest price was recorded for delivery on December 31 – 10.4 euros per MWh.

In the market for continuous intraday trading, the volume in 2022 was 1,010 GWh. Of this, trade in block products amounted to 19,478 MWh, and trade in hourly products amounted to 912,969 MWh. The volume of quarterly products reached 78,230 MWh.

The highest trade volume on IDM was recorded in December – 11,614 MWh.

The total volume at the CRIDA auctions, i.e. the Complementary Regional Intraday Market, amounted to 443,983 MWh in 2022, according to the BSP annual report.

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