Serbia, EPS profited 6 million euros so far in February

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Serbian state-owned power utility EPS said that electricity production is stable and it exceeded consumption in the past few days, so the company was able to sell the surplus on the wholesale market and profited some 6 million euros.

Electricity is exported especially during the weekdays, when prices on the regional exchanges are higher.

In the past few days, EPS facilities generated about 110 million kWh of electricity per days, of which, slightly more than a third was produced in hydropower plants.

Given the low temperatures expected during this week, units 3 and 5 of TPP Kolubara will be put into operation. These units are currently in cold reserve, have combined installed capacity of 156 MW and expected daily electricity generation of 3.6 million kWh.

EPS also said that coal stocks are higher than planned and there is 1.47 million tons of coal in stock at the moment.

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