Serbia: HPP Djerdap 1 lower production period

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In April, HPP “Djerdap 1” produced 24 percent less electricity than the monthly plan because of much lower water inflow into the reservoir.

Instead of the planned 605 million kilowatt hours of electricity, “Djerdap 1” , in April, to the Serbian Electric Power Industry was delivered 457 million kilowatt hours, which is 24 percent less electricity than the monthly plan.

Unfavorable hydrological conditions had an impact of the weak production, because in the first 20 days of last month, the inflow of water in the Djerdap’s accumulation was significantly lower than the long-term average, according to the PR department in HPP Djerdap.

Since the beginning of the year, hydroelectric power station near Kladovo delivered 1,758 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity, or 97 percent of the plan to the EPS.

Source; Serbia Energy