Serbia regulates renewable energy sources production framework

5. April 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Serbia shall regulate area of renewable energy sources by 1 April, what will enable investment estimated to 2 million EUR until 2020- stated Deputy Minister of Energy, Dejan Trifunovic.

Many listings about this have been prepared in the last six months and the standard version of the contract for privileged renewable sources energy producers shall be finished by the end of March- Trifunovic said on the conference for renewable energy sources in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

He reminded that the Law for Efficient Energy Use has been adopted, the new feed-in-tariffs for purchase of renewable energy sources energy have been determined and 4 orders that predicts stimulating measures for investments in this area.
Trifunovic expects that renewable energy sources in Serbia will develop which should help balanced regional development, employment and renewal of domestic construction industry.

200 of requests for energy permissions and approval in renewable energy sources area were submitted in the first three months, like it was for previous three years.

Deputy Minister said when he was talking about benefits of renewable energy sources, that it is better for citizens to invest in small solar collectors that they will put on the house roof and get a status of privileged energy producer than to put the money in the bank.
International Financial Corporation (IFC) is interested in corporation with Serbia in the area of renewable energy sources- IFC Regional Manager, Pjer Kjelerhaug, said.

He reminded that IFC helped investing in the wind park in Croatia and small HPPs in Albania last year which is part of 440 million dollars’ investment in renewable energy sources in Europe and Central Asia.
270 billion dollars was invested in this area in the whole world last year.

Source Serbia Energy

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