Serbia: Regulator approves first step electricity price increase of 10,9% for households

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Serbian Energy Agency (AERS) has approved last week the request of Energy Power Industry company of Serbia (EPS), from 1. august increase of electricity price by average of 10,9 % for households consumers.

As stated in AERS, EPS and five distribution centers (DSO companies) that work within EPS company accepted suggestions of the Agency about cost reducing and proposed losses in the network.

“The aim is that proceeds got by cost rationalization direct to increase security and quality of electricity supply”, said in AERS.

Electricity price increased in Serbia last time 1. April 2011 by average for 15%, so the price of kilowatt hour, with accounted value-added tax (VAT), is about six eurocents. Before that, electricity increased in march 2010. for 10 percent.

Source;AERS/Serbia Energy