Slovenia:Gov support the construction of 338MW three new HPPs on the Middle Sava River

, SEE Energy News

The Slovenian government has approved the development of a spatial plan for the construction of three of the 10 previously planned hydropower plants on the middle Sava River between Tacna and Zidani bridge. According to the original plan on that area should have been constructed power plants of total capacity 338 MW.

Construction was scheduled to begin in 2009 and end in 2025 but the plan was changed. The current government of Alenka Bratušek has confirmed expansion of the project Natura 2000, which protects Sava River area as living space of European trout and Danube salmon, according to Poslovni dnevnik, which further reduced the chances for the implementation of a large project, for which avocated HSE.

Now it appears that three power plants will be built (Suhadol, Trbovlje and Renke), which will increase water loss, reduce the flexibility of power plants and reduce returns on investment because all three plants were designed as a flow.

Company for the construction of middle Sava power plants is HSE slovenian power plants, will have less access to such financing, reported the Slavic Dnevnik words of company director Bogdan Barbić. Mother company HSE also covers major losses in TPP Sostanj 6, and only the first of the three plants will cost 376 million euros.

Source; Serbia Energy see desk

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