North Macedonia, AD ESM is the largest supplier in 2022, with sales of 4.43 TWh

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The Macedonian Electricity Market Operator MEMO has published a list of the largest electricity traders in the country in its balance sheet for 2022, in which, apart from the largest producer AD ESM and the universal supplier EVN Home, importers also dominate.

MEMO data show that there are no significant changes in the structure of electricity sales, despite the energy crisis that was announced in mid-2021 and the need for large investments in domestic production capacities.

As expected, AD ESM is in first place with 4.43 TWh sold, while EVN Home sold 3.744 TWh of electricity to households and small consumers.

In third place is the gas power plant AD TE-TO with sales on the free market of 946.5 GWh. The fourth is EVN Snabdevanje, a daughter company of EVN that sells electricity on the free market with realized sales of 961.5 GWh.

Another daughter company of EVN, EVN Elektrodistribucija, is in the first stages. The operator covering losses in the distribution network achieved a sales volume of 855.9 GWh.

EVN Trading, another daughter company that trades in imported electricity, sold 808.3 GWh, while in seventh position is the Slovenian company GEN-I with 594.3 GWh sold.

They are followed by the Greek EDS, known for supplying state institutions, with 430 GWh, ESM Prodaja, a daughter company of AD ESM, which on the free market primarily supplies hospitals, schools and other institutions with 403.4 GWh, and the thermal power plant Negotino, with 401, 2 GWh.

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