SEE Region, Spot prices on Thursday 152 to 169 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

Average electricity spot prices for delivery on Thursday, February 2, were fairly even, hovering around 152-153 euros in all countries of the region, except Greece, where the price was 169.22 euros per MWh. It is also the highest European price.

While almost all European countries saw an increase in spot prices compared to Wednesday, they recorded a slight decrease in some markets in the region, except in Greece, Slovenia and Croatia, where they increased by 2-3 percent.

In this way, spot prices in the region came close to the markets in Central Europe on Thursday, where the price in Germany fell to 93 euros per MWh on Wednesday, which was more than 60 euros below the day-ahead prices in the region.

This is due to strong wind production in Germany – it reached 878 GWh on Wednesday, accounting for almost 58 percent of the country’s total electricity production.

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