Serbia Energy Weekly news digest 17/2014

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Serbia exclusive: GazpromNeft NIS vs Serbian gov, The oil fields of Serbia dry up and profits are not shared?

Oil deposits in Serbia will remain empty for less than ten years, domestic oil experts warn more and more loudly. The fact that the GazpromNeft who owns majority of Petroleum Industry of Serbia Ltd.

Serbia: RES fee charged to citizens, state collects VAT on existing tax?

The Serbian citizens are charged a fee by the Serbian Government, for the production of electricity from renewable energy sources, in order to subsidize producers of energy derived from

Serbia: EU warns Serbia on its Gazprom South Stream deal

The EU Energy Community Secretariat has asked the EU Council to examine the legality of agreements between Serbia and Gazprom on construction of the South Stream gas pipeline.

Serbia: US CWS invests 450 million in wind farms of 300 MW

The Company Continental Wind Serbia (CWS) is planning to invest 450 million euros in wind farms in Serbia with capacity of 300 megawatts (MW) will  be able to meet the electricity needs of more than 30,000 households.

Serbia exclusive: 250MEUR TENT Desulfurization project, lobbyists against Serbian intelligence

Construction of facility for flue gas desulphurization should start soon in TPP “Nikola Tesla” in Obrenovac, and after completion it will be the most expensive environmental project ever

Serbia, report: Overhauls and modernization of TPPs and HPPs, loans and bilateral state arrangements

Adequate and reliable electricity supply is the cornerstone of every modern society. Due to the strict conditions that Serbia must fulfill in order to be one step closer to the European Union, it is

Serbia: Gas unbundling, „Srbijagas“ will face changes

Works on the construction of “South Stream” are going as planned. Two days ago, the messages that Serbia received from Brussels, regarding the “South Stream, according to which the

Serbia: Electricity will (not) be more expensive after 1st July

The electricity market will be opened for households and small customers by 1st July, and the market opening also will bring rise in electricity prices. Question on how much could be increased

Serbia: Electricity price increase depends on change of laws, EPS keeps old price of electricity

If the Law changes, from July he t1st, Serbian households will be able to choose from whom to buy electricity. The liberalization of the market will bring, of course, the possibility that different electricity sellers provide energy at different prices.

Serbia: EPS lost 47MEUR because of electricity brokers and intermediaries in electricity trade

Since Hungary “lost” 3 MEUR from 2010th until 2012th because of difference in the price of bought and sold electricity, Serbian power utility company EPS was damaged for 47 MEUR in the same

Serbia mining: Coal exploration majority used for thermal power plants power generation

About 65 percent of annual coal production in Serbia Power Utility Company (EPS) is based on lignite combustion, of which 75 percent comes from “Kolubara”, and the rest from Kostolac coal

Serbia: The power trading scandal ?

Serbia Power Utility Company EPS denied the allegations of the Anti-Corruption Council that EPS had a loss of 30 MEUR due to the difference in the electricity price.  EPS also denies it enabled the licensed traders to earn almost 49.5 MEUR. Serbia Energy reveals the full story.

Serbia: “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” denies the allegations of the Anti-Corruption Council on the sale of electricity

“Electric Power Industry of Serbia” denies the allegations of the Anti-Corruption Council on the sale of electricity. The data which the Anti-Corruption Council has obtained from”Electric Power