Serbia-Energy.Eu SEE region weekly news digest 9/2014

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Macedonia: Status of unbundling and electricity market status

TSO companyMEPSO is legally unbundled from all other activities and owned by the State. The market operation activities are performed within MEPSO as an integrated function.

Montenegro exclusive: Electricity market revealed, who is who and how does it works

The main structure of the electricity market of Montenegro is built around three companies – the transmission system operator CrnogorskiElektroprenosniSistem (CGES)

Bosnia: Electricity trading, actors and framework in federal multilevel authority system, the report

Electricity transmission, system operation and the international trade of electricity are governed at the state-level of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Croatia: LNG terminal and TPP Plomin C in the list of strategic investments

In Croatia national energy investment framework two public and eight private projects have been reported to the Ministry of Economy that could enter the projects list of strategic investments.

Bosnia: Electricity market development landscape

The electricity market in Bosnia and Herzegovina is not sufficiently developed. Its fragmentation along the entity borders follows the constitutional design of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Albania exclusive: Energy investment plan 2014-2016; TSO and Power gen investments, gas and electricity interconnections projects

During 2014 Albania is expected to adopt a new law on the electricity sector.With the adoption of this law further liberalization of the energy market will be enabled

Montenegro exclusive: TSO company CEO, 20 MEUR for power cable project in 2014

We ended up the 2013th with a net gain of 2.7 MEUR while this year’s business plan anticipates a net profit of 7, 2 MEUR

Bosnia: Gov introduces new competitive framework for Oil market

Law on oil products in FBiH, whose proposal was established by the Federal government, identifiesoil products as strategic commodities.

Albania: Electricity trading, cross border

The current Albanian grid system is made up of national and international interconnection lines. The entire grid system is under state ownership

Montenegro: TERNA/CGES TSO JV, cooperation model for success

Montenegrin transmission system company will invest 20 MEUR in 2014th in underwater cable project from Montenegro to Italy, said CGES executive director Ivan Bulatovic

Montenegro exclusive: Czech Skoda and China CMEC in the race for the construction of the second unit of TPP Pljevlja

Negotiations for the second unit development of Thermal power plant Pljevlja, as decided EPCG Board of Directors, will be continued with the Czech Skoda Praha

Albania: Hydropower concessions, RES developers and gov strategy for energy balances

Commission for Productive Activities , Trade and Environment held a hearing with the Albanian Association of Renewable Energy on issues that investors

Bulgaria: CEZ Denies Allegations of Exporting Profits

Czech utility CEZ, which supplies power to over 2 million households and companies in western Bulgaria, denies the allegations that it has excess profits and exports them abroad

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