Serbia Energy Weekly news digest 8/2014

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 Serbia: EPS power utility company Supervisory board, 2014 business plan adopted

At last week meeting of Supervisory Board of Public Enterprise” Serbia Power Utility Company”, chaired by Dr. Aca Markovic, president of SB PE EPS

Serbia: FGD project starts along with revitalization of the unit B1 in TPP “Kostolac B”, CMEC China leads project

Preparations for the revitalization of the unit B1 in TPP “Kostolac B”, capital investment project of the first phase of the ” Chinese” loan,  are coming to an end.

Serbia: GazpromNeftSerbian Oil IndustryProfitincreased by2%, investments higher6%

Despite the difficult economicsituation, NISGroup madea profit of416.4MEURbefore taxationlast year, while thetotal investmentof the companyreached491 MEURin2013, said GazpromNeftNIS CEOKirill Kravchenko

Serbia: Bulgarian bank is interested in investing in TPP ” Stavalj “

Corporate Commercial Bank from Bulgaria is interested in investing in the construction of power plant “Stavalj” and coal mine, announced the Serbian Ministry of Energy .

Serbia: Serbian power utility EPS electricity trade over Slovenia, the report

The new company of “Serbia Power Utility Company” -” EPS Supply” which has been recently established in Slovenia, will enable Serbian EPS to trade electricity in the EU.And it will also facilitate business in the region.

Serbia: EPS TPP Kostolac, The analysis of both phases implementation of the project from the Chinese loan

At a meeting in Subsidiary “TE – Kostolac ” , which was attended by expert teams for projects implementation in both phases of the loan arrangement with the People’s Republic of China

Serbia: Rio Tinto is interested in opening the mine processing facility

Mining Company Rio Tinto, which explores jadarite in Loznica, is interested in opening the mine and processing of lithium on the site of the former viscous

Serbia: Rules implementation on the distribution systemoperation, small hpps connection to the grid

At meeting of the Commission for monitoring the Rules implementation on the distribution system operation, which was held in a business, it was considered part of the Rules relating

Serbia: Kostolac TPP power gen report, Stable electricity production

From the beginning to the end of January “Kostolac” power plants delivered about 486 267 MWh of electricity to the Serbian power system. The units of thermal power plant “Kostolac A” produced about 181 935 MW by 30th January.

Serbia: Electricity, waiting for the third liberalization phase

How did the customers manage in the second phase of market opening, how many suppliers did involve in the game and what are the biggest problems, were the topics of recent public discussions and media coverage in Serbia.

Serbia: Oiltanking Germany and Transnafta oil transport co, project of storage construction

The Ministry of Energy, “Transnafta” and German “Oiltanking”, signed a Memorandum on strategic partnership in the storage facilities construction.


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