Serbia-Energy.Eu SEE region weekly news digest 10/2014

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Bosnia: Public call for 300MW TPP Banovici

Brown Coal Mine “Banovici” invited a public call for prequalification of strategic partner choice for financing and building of Thermal power plant “Banovici” with power of 300 MW.

Macedonia: Electricity market to boost competition and traders race

Around 50 companies of 222 by the end of last month, have been obliged to sign contracts to purchase electricity on the free market from some of the suppliers or sellers of electricit

Montenegro: Pljevlja will earn 6 billion EUR by coal mining

Pljevlja, Montenegrin town on the border with Serbia, will earn 6 billion EUR by coal mining; it was released from the Coal mine in that city.

Slovenia: 400MEUR for ten new hydro power plants at Sava River

Economic Committee of Slovenian Government debated on plan of ten new hydro power plants construction in the middle course of the Slovenian part of the Sava River

Romania: EBRD loan for construction of STEAG wind farm in northern Romania

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development ( EBRD ) is managing to help Romania transition to lower CO2 emissions by crediting the development

Bosnia: Gov to boost private energy investments for new power gen facilities and electricity exports

FBiH Government has decided to carry out the liberalization of the energy sector, said in a statement from the Department of Energy

Republika Srpska: Unplanned delays reduced production in TPP “Gacko”

Thermal power plant “Gacko” produced 130.94 gigawatt-hours of electricity in February, which is 87% of the plan

Albania: Power utility company KESH sells electricity cheaper than it buys

During last year ,Albania imported 170,000 and exported 953,000 MW hours of electricity. The demand amounted to 5.8 TW h

Bosnia: KTG Zenica requested license for electricity trade

Company KTG from Zenica submitted application to the State Electricity Regulatory Commission (SERC) for issuing license for international trade in electricity.

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