Serbia Energy Weekly news digest 10/2014

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Serbia: Power generation report, Electricity generation and sale to final customers , Alleviated consumption in February

In the first 19 days of this month the sale of electricity to the final customers was 11.1 percent lower than planned.

Serbia: DSO ElektroSrbija adopted financial statements for 2013th

Authorized representatives of PE” Serbia Power Utility Company” (the founder ) unanimously adopted financial statements of Subsidiary “Elektrosrbija ” for 2013th.

Serbia: TPP Nikola Tesla TENT, Good operation of all power gen units, max electricity output, report

Thermal Power Plants Nikola Tesla company and its TPP NT А surpassed the maximum output of 1.061billion kWh recorded in 1985 in December

Serbia exclusive: EPS Power utility company, A step towards the joint stock company interview with EPS Legal Director Dragan Velic

Compliance of the EPS Articles of Association with the Law on Public Enterprises allows the staged entering into the change of the legal form

Serbia: Electricity market report, current status and environment improvement steps

With all the difficulties and the circumstances Serbia steps on the way of the open electricity market.

Serbia exclusive report: RWE & EPS JV, The construction of five HPPs on the Velika Morava river

Plans for the construction of hydropower plants on several rivers in Serbia are several decades old. In May, 2011th, German-Serbian cooperation

Serbia exclusive: EPS power utility trading office Slovenia, the plans and strategy

With the license to trade in the territory of the European Union, EPS will become a serious player in the open market

Serbia, report: South Stream – Who is the weakest link ?

Five different statements given by five officials about issue in what phase is the realization of the South Stream project through Serbia opened the question

Serbia: EPS Supervisory board adopted Annual Business Program, financial and investment plans 2014

Contracted prices for the delivery of electricity to the qualified buyers are at a higher level than those originally planned.

Serbia: Electricity market liberalization, The third wave is coming

Just when the second wave of the internal market opening of electricity in Serbia has passed, the recent approach of the third, final wave is in the announcement.

Serbia: EPS CEO Obradovic, EPS managed to maintain its dominant position

EPS Director Aleksandar Obradovic said that last year  his company managed to finish as the second most profitable company

Serbia: Voith Hydro performance guarantee for Zvornik HPP modernization and output increase project

Upon rehabilitating total installed power of power units will amount to 125,6 MW, which is 30 % more than the current power

Serbia: Kolubara mining company, improving cooperation with companies from Krusevac

Milorad Grcic, director of the Mining Basin “Kolubara”, visited Krusevac and three companies at Krusevac territory that cooperate with MB “Kolubara”.

Serbia exclusive report: EPS new TPP Kolubara B project, does “Kolubara B” have an alternative?

Construction of Thermal power plant “Kolubara B” is quite complex question for Serbian EPS.  Several hundred MEUR were invested in this facility so far.

Serbia: Mining companies are obliged to process minerals in Serbia, no export allowed

Serbia will not allow export of jadarite and other precious metals and minerals, which are of strategic importance for the development of the country

Serbia: TPP TENT overhaul and investment cycle 2014

Beside the realization of production balances, in TPP Nikola Tesla TENT (TPP NT) regular annual overhauls are forthcoming as well as reconstructive activities

Serbia:`Who says Srbijagas hinders the South Stream?

The state does not provide any guarantee to Srbijagas  to build the South Stream, but has already  agreed with Gazprom on a loan that it would be returned from dividends of the project

Serbia: Local power stock market on its way

Serbia established a local stock market of electricity, which will be called SEPEKS, in which the French partner company Epeks spot

Serbia: South Stream stopped, Who will pay for what?

The realization of the South Stream project in Serbia currently is “hindered” by the problem of providing government guarantees, says Ivica Dacic.

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